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    1/4" Goat Claw Line Splitter f/ Vacuum Lines

    Splitter for 1/4" air line. Supplied with Goat and Sheep Classic Claw Milking Assemblies. Number "4" on schematic diagram.

    5/8" Clear Milk Line Splitter f/Goat & Sheep Claw

    Splitter for 9/16" & 5/8" milk line. 2 lateral connections are for ½” milk tubing.

    Blue Plastic Inflation Plug f/ Sheep & Goat

    Blue Plastic Inflation Plug is sized small to fit goat or sheep inflations.

    Cascading Headlock f/Sheep & Goat Stalls

    Cascading Headlock for Sheep & Goat Stalls

    Claw Tensioning Hanger for Goat/Sheep Assemblies

    Adjustable hanger is used to hold a goat or sheep milking claw such as Coburn's Vanguard Claw in proper alignment in the parallel milking parlor. Hanger is lightweight durable and adjustable for height. Correct positioning of the claw improves milk-o…

    Gasket Kit f/Vanguard Claw

    Kit includes Top O-Ring Small Gasket and Bottom Gasket.