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    100% Welded S.S. Chain f/Detachers - per foot

    100% welded Stainless Steel chain is used for various models of detachers. Sold per foot.

    Claw Window Tool f/Bottom & Top Unloading Claw

    Claw window tool is inserted into a nipple on the claw guided to the window then turned to push the window out. For bottom-unloading claws.

    Detacher Hook f/String Catchers

    Black Polymer Clip-Hook is used with string catcher detachers. It is adaptable to any cylinder on the market and assures good alighment and secure attachment. String threads through a hole at the top.

    Inflation Removal Tool

    Inflations are sometimes hard to remove from the claw nipples. Inflation Removal Tool also easily removes air tubes from forks. Stainless steel.

    Plastic Twin Air Fork--Front/Rear--1/4" ID


    Plastic Twin Air Fork for alternating pulsation front to rear 1/4" ID.

    SS Cluster Extender


    Featuring all Stainless Steel construction with smooth finish SS Cluster Extenders are for use with any claw when milking widely uddered cows. Simply attach one tube to each claw nipple with a small piece of Transflow tubing to accomodate the extra w…

    Air Forks & Accessories