Navy Quilted Calf Jacket-Small

Product Code: FA206

Navy Quilted Calf Jacket-Small (Jersey size), for warmer, drier, healthier calves. A Calf Jacket should always be on hand for protection against the stresses and hazards of the environment, to create a barrier against wet bedding, drafts, cold air etc. and help allow the calf to put its energy into growth. This Calf Jacket has an outer shell of tough, water resistant, CorduraĀ® nylon in bright blue and is insulated with Thinsulateā„¢ for additional protection. For durability, the Calf Jacket is quilted which also keeps the insulation evenly dispersed and lofty for best efficiency. The Jacket keeps its shape and finish with repeated machine washings over its life expectancy of ten years. Adjustable leg straps and front closure allow snug comfortable fit for growing calves. Two Year Warranty. Wt. 1 lb.

Suggested Retail Price: $53.15 /EA

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