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    Cinnatube Teat Sealant - 9 mL tube, Pack of 36

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    Cinnatube Teat Sealant is a natural, intramammary infusion for the dry period. Cinnatube is a viscous teat sealant that mimics the cow's natural defense, the keratin plug. This defense mechanism is essential as every mastitis case develops from bacteria that has entered the udder via the teat canal. Cinnatube provides a safe and effective physical barrier between the udder and the environment. Administer one syringe into each teat at dry off. Cinnatube is comprised entirely of GRAS listed components and is OMRI listed - it can be used safely in all production, including organic. At the end of the dry period, Cinnatube is easy to strip from the teat, it does not block milk filters and there is no milk withhold. Cinnatube has been demonstrated effective in multiple published, peer-reviewed studies. Pack of 36 weighs 2 lbs.