Optical Refractometer w / ATC & Brix Scale

Optical Refractometer w / ATC & Brix Scale

Product code :176-3000

Refractometer gives quick and accurate readings of colostrum by measuring 0-32% Brix, with accuracy of 0.2%. High quality colostrum is a good indication of immunities available for absorption by a newborn calf. A Brix value of 22% or greater indicates colostrum quality is good. Unit features an Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) range of 50°F – 86°F without needing recalibration, a great convenience when testing a large number of cows. Refractometer has an all-metal body, polypropylene grip, focusing eyepiece, drop-tested daylight plate with hinge, and is backed by a 30-day guarantee. The unit is packed in a nylon padded zipper pouch and includes a pipette, a screwdriver and complete instructions for use and care. Wt. 13 oz.

Suggested Retail Price: $100.95 /EA

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