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    Dehorning Paste
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    Dehorning Paste-6 oz.

    Dehorning Paste may be used with calves up to 8 weeks of age but for minimum stress use it before calf is 7 days of age. With no cutting or bleeding chance of infection is virtually zero. For best results clip hair around bud and keep calf indoors and…

    Dr. Larson's Dehorning Paste

    Dr. Larson's Dehorning Paste eliminates blood infections and trauma caused by dehorning saws and gouging dehorners.  Inhibits horn growth before it starts.  Comes in a mess free easy to use tube.  One tube can dehorn approximately 15 ani…

    Dr. Naylor Dehorning Paste

    Dehorning Paste

    Dehorning Paste