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    DeLaval-Style Claws

    DeLaval-Style Claws

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    DeLaval-Style Standard Claw


    The larger inside dimension on Coburn's DeLaval-style claw provides increased capacity for better operation.  Extended front nipples match cows' udder shape for proper hanging of the claw and the enlarged bowl allows for less chance of vacuum flu…

    Service Kit f/ DeLaval-Style Standard Claw

    Service Kit for DeLaval-Style Standard Claw includes Claw Bowl (142113) Rubber Shutoff Plug (142114) S.S.Shaft (142115) Gasket (142116) Rubber Bumper (142119) and Shutoff Lock (143112).

    Service Kit f/ DeLaval-Style Super Claw

    Repair Kit includes shut-off lock claw bowl rubber shut-off shaft gasket and rubber bumper.

    DeLaval-Style Claws