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    Dynamint Blue Udder Spray - 4L Refill

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    Dynamint Blue Spray contains all the same therapeutic qualities of Dynamint but in convenient sprayable form to save labor. This is especially useful on large dairies where the spray can be applied quickly and the temporary blue coloring agent makes it easy to see which cows have been sprayed. Dynamint is a true oil and water emulsion which quickly delivers healing and anti-bacterial properties through the skin and into the soft tissue. Peppermint oil stimulates the circulatory and immune systems and adds a pleasant smell. Eucalyptus and calendula oils are known for their anti-bacterial and skin conditioning properties. The non-greasy water-based spray allows the essential oils to penetrate by osmosis and not simply remain on top of the skin like competitive products. Used daily on the udders of dairy cows Dynamint helps prevent udder edema mastitis and infections. Many dairymen report a Dynamint treatment to be as good as an oxytocin injection for milk let-down. Others report fewer and milder cases of mastitis which reduces the need for antibiotics. Dynamint is now approved for organic dairies.