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    Excal Fast-Flow Calf Nipple - Red

    Suggested Retail Price:
    $4.50 / EA
    The Excal Nursing system is the easy way to feed a number of young animals at once. The economical multi-feeder systems shown in the diagram are made by attaching the Excal nipple components to an empty 15-gallon drum such as a teat dip drum. Holes (20-22mm / 7/8") are drilled 5 inches apart either high for the red fast-flow nipples or low for the blue gravity-flow nipple. The Excal fast-flow (red) Calf Nipple is an innovatively designed nipple which creates a pump-like effect when the calf bites onto it replicating the natural suckling action. The fast-flow nipple is pushed through the hole then attached to a piece of 18V tubing. It is recommended to attach the Excal tube stop valve at the bottom of the tube to prevent back-flow.