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    Excal Kid/Lamb Teat

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    $4.50 / EA

    Universal Lamb/Kid Nipple is suitable for kids or lambs except for very youngest. It will snap-on to a pop bottle having diameter from 25 to 35mm or may be used in gravity or fast-flow cafeteria-type set-ups such as that shown in the drawing. The nipple slit should always be aligned vertically to minimize leakage. Cafeteria-style is the easy way to feed a number of young animals at once. An economical multi-feeder system is made by attaching the nipples and tubing to an empty 15-gallon drum such as a teat dip drum. Holes (5/8" / 15mm) should be drilled about 5 inches apart around the container. Stop valve and tubing may be seen in the Calf Nursing Bottles section.