Freeland Free-Flow Fill Valve

Freeland Free-Flow Fill Valve

Product code :295-001

The Freeland Valve for livestock watering tanks is automatic, adjustable, approved non-siphoning, corrosion-proof and freeze-resistant. The Valve mounts in any type of tank at approximately 4 to 20" below the desired water level where it operates with a simple reliable design requiring no floats, rods or guards. Included with the Valve is a universal mounting kit which permits hook-up to 1/4" copper pipe, 1/2" metal pipe, garden hose or 1" PVC adapter fitting. Valve installs in any type of tank up to 1/2" wall thickness. For tanks with thicker walls such as concrete or wood, order the optional Breather Collar Kit. Valve works with water pressures from 12 to 125 psi.

Suggested Retail Price: $32.25 /EA

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