Freeland Free-Flow Fill Valve

Freeland Free-Flow Fill Valve

Product Code: 295-001

The Freeland Valve for livestock watering tanks is automatic, adjustable, approved non-siphoning, corrosion-proof and freeze-resistant. The Valve mounts in any type of tank at approximately 4 to 20" below the desired water level where it operates with a simple reliable design requiring no floats, rods or guards. Included with the Valve is a universal mounting kit which permits hook-up to 1/4" copper pipe, 1/2" metal pipe, garden hose or 1" PVC adapter fitting. Valve installs in any type of tank up to 1/2" wall thickness. For tanks with thicker walls such as concrete or wood, order the optional Breather Collar Kit. Valve works with water pressures from 12 to 125 psi.

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