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    10-Tine Forged Silage Fork w/Steel D-Handle

    Ten-tine Forged High Carbon Steel Ensilage Fork has a 33" wood handle with steel D-grip. Fork head is 16" x 16". Wt. 7.3 lbs.

    10-Tine Manure/Bedding Fork4

    Fork is used to move a variety of bedding material. 10 tempered steel tines ensure years of service. The head is 10.5" wide. Wood handle is 48" long. 15 year warranty.

    3-Tine Forged Hay Fork

    Three-tine Forged High Carbon Steel Hay Fork has a 48" straight wood handle. Fork head is 12.5" x 8". Wt. 3.3 lbs.

    3-Tine Hay Fork

    This is the ideal fork for mucking manure transferring mulch and other loose materials. The 3 oval pointed tine bent pattern forged steel head is mounted to a 48” hardwood handle with Flex-Beam® for strength and durability. Sold as eaches or in packs o…

    4-Tine Forged Manure Fork

    Four-tine Forged High Carbon Steel Manure Fork has 48" straight wood handle. Fork head is 12" x 9". Wt. 3.7 lbs.

    4-Tine Forged Manure Hook

    Strength and durability make this manure hook a must-have for barn clean-up. Designed for transferring manure and other loose material its 60” handle prevents stooping and unnecessary back strain. Durable steel tines make it a useful tool for loosening c…