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    Handy-Grip Opener f/ El Puls 3"--CSA Apprvd

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    $302.50 / EA
    SKU: 3331920

    Handy-Grip for electric pulsation for 3" line is a quick easy and labor-saving solution to milk and vacuum line attachment in stanchion milking barns. The Handy Grip Opener is operated with one hand and has a quick lifting motion for increased milking efficiency. Simply and ergonomically designed with only two moving parts the opener is made of stainless steel is lightweight and fits comfortably in the hand.

    The specially-designed Double Valves (sold separately) are permanently installed on the air and milk lines. The Handy-Grip System is available for electrical or vacuum pulsation systems.

    Please note: Pipe Nipple (one per valve) is required for installation.