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    Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan--60"

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    $171.50 / EA
    SKU: VCF-60
    Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan provides a healthier more comfortable environment for animals all year long. Fan features energy-efficient fully sealed motor and has both forward and reverse operation to direct airflow up or downward. Motor housing and high-output curved steel blades have white powder-coated finish. Fan is UL/CUL certified for outdoor and agricultural use and has passed all US/CUL water spray and corrosion tests. Fan has 16" grounded cord with 3-prong plug and 10" down rod.

    In summer the fan creates a mild wind chill to help cool poultry and livestock. It mixes warm stagnant air above and in between animals reducing heat stress and eliminating pockets of warm moist still air which can breed bacteria.

    In winter the fan prevents warm air from collecting in roof peaks where it can condense and drop moisture on animals and bedding. Warm air is directed down and dispersed throughout the building keeping animals warm dry and comfortable. Throughout the year fan keeps bedding and surfaces dry while helping to dissipate ammonia gasses and odors. 60" size 115V 60HZ single/variable speed 43500 CFM 330 RPM. Limited lifetime warranty. Wt. 24.25 lbs.