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    ITP LP30 Programmable Pulsator w/2 Exits

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    $431.75 / EA
    SKU: 1069009

    The LP30 Programmable Pulsator 2-exit style like all the LP30 and LE30 Electronic pulsators from Interpuls has been redesigned for consistent milking in all types of conditions while minimizing energy usage maintenance time vacuum consumption and vacuum fluctuation.

    Operation is smooth and quiet due to diaphragm-driven valves which also contribute to reduced total milking time. Each pulsator features an air filter which assures better functioning of the pulsator over a longer period of time. The filter snaps off for ease of cleaning or replacement. The water-resistant case features lean attractive design and the quick-connect electrical connections are water-proof. Pulsators are 24-volt with ½" NPT mounting.

    LP30 Pulsators are individually programmable for speed from 55 to 180 pulses per minute and for individual ratios front and rear. Other features include

    *Low energy consumption to prevent oxidation

    *Totally sealed against moisture & humidity

    *May be flushed with clean water in case of a liner split without dismantling the pulsator

    *May be serviced quickly - approx. 10 minutes

    *Use with a transformer no controller necessary

    *Diaphragm-driven valves for quiet smooth operation

    *Waterproof quick-connects

    *Snap-on air filter