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    Keep Them Identified

    Quick Strap Leg Bands are a great way to keep your animals identified. These leg bands have been redesigned and improved. They are easier to apply and can be removed using one hand to depress the release button. A large textured panel can be personalized using a tag pen. Quick Strap Leg Bands come in six high-visibility colors. The straps are easily trimmed with scissors. Quick Straps are reusable and sold in packs of five.

    QS01   Quick Strap Leg Bands – Orange, Pk/5

    QS02   Quick Strap Leg Bands – Yellow, Pk/5

    QS05   Quick Strap Leg Bands – Red, Pk/5

    QS06   Quick Strap Leg Bands – Blue, Pk/5

    QS07   Quick Strap Leg Bands – Green, Pk/5

    QS08   Quick Strap Leg Bands – Pink, Pk/5

    65111 Coburn Heavy Duty Black Marker