BOS Splint for Small Cows--Rear Leg (blue)

BOS Splint for Small Cows--Rear Leg (blue)

Product code :204300

BOS Cattle Leg Splints are molded from PVC and lined with foam for maximum comfort. Splints are suitable to treat lower leg fractures or other conditions such as contracted tendons or calving paralysis. The splint is applied to the back of the hind leg and secured in place with cohesive tape. Order HW30016 Heavyweight Cohesive Tape separately.

Calving paralysis occasionally occurs when cows have large calves or prolonged deliveries. When paralysis occurs in only one leg, the prognosis is good provided the cow is treated with a splint immediately. A Bovine Orthopedic Splint (BOS), is the ideal solution.

Suggested Retail Price: $49.30 /EA

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