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    Milk Sampler w/200 ML Bottle

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    The Ambic Milk Sampler is a stand-alone representative milk sampling device which is inserted into the milk line of each milker. The design of the Sampler allows collecting across the entire milking so that a true representative sample is obtained. The collection vial slips off easily and has an attached cap for convenience and protection. The sampler body also has an attached cap for closing off the body after removal of the collection vial. Once installed with the L-shaped mounting bracket plastic block and cable ties supplied the sampler body stays in place for CIP cleaning. Insertion into the milk line is a simple cut and fit procedure and the device is virtually maintenance-free. Sampling of milk yields important data that can help dairy farmers be more profitable. Checking individual cow somatic cell counts is the best way to identify problem cows so they can be treated quickly. This helps keep a low SCC in the bulk tank which can mean bonuses on the milk check. Milk can also be tested for progesterone which is an early marker for pregnancy and for high protein levels. The cost of the Milk Sampler is a fraction of that of other samplers which only work in conjunction with proprietary milk recording devices. Milk Sampler provides a sample that can be used with a wide variety of diagnostic or recording applications. Made of high quality chemical-resistant materials Milk Sampler is designed to be cleaned in place. Sampler comes complete as shown with body 200ml collection bottle adapter caps o-rings mounting bracket block cable ties and instructions.

    Ambic Equipment Limited is the world leader in the development and production of a comprehensive range of dairy hygiene udder health and livestock health management products specializing in mastitis prevention and detection.