5 / 8" Visi-Claw w / o Shut-Off

5 / 8" Visi-Claw w / o Shut-Off

Product Code: 3001255

Strangko Visi-Claw is made of tough clear Lexan plastic, yielding a lightweight claw with total visibility.  Rounded, fisheye windows increase capacity, enable proper action of milk through and around the claw, and permit constant visual monitoring of milking activity.  Uniform milk inlet length allows Visi-Claw to be used in any system - from bucket to parallel parlor.

Combining the excellent milking characteristics of the classic barrel-type Boumatic-style claw with a light weight design, the Visi-Claw has several advantages.  Unlike heavy milk claws which can cause too much pull on the teat, (inhibiting total milkout and causing excessive teat-end vacuum as well as squawking and slippage) Visi-Claw keeps teats at their natural angle and shape.

Claw capacity is 250 cc (15 cu. in.), and black plastic air fork is included. Sold here without shutoff, claw is also available with shutoff.

Suggested Retail Price: $232.90 /EA

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