ITP 206 Goat & Sheep Claw f / Low Line-Vented

ITP 206 Goat & Sheep Claw f / Low Line-Vented

Product Code: 2069015

The ITP206 was designed with the goals of reducing operating costs and avoiding the harmful effects of over-milking on the delicate udders of goats and sheep. Made of high-strength plastic, the claw has two separate pushbuttons to open the chambers which allows control of vacuum during attachment and also allows bypassing one of the teats in case of infection. High vacuum stability is achieved with an automatic shut-off system and valves that are closed until milk begins to flow, thus avoiding vacuum leakages. The inside of the ITP206 has been designed to allow milk to rotate and pass through smoothly which reduces foaming and prevents build-up of deposits thus making cleaning and maintenance easier.

ITP206 is available in two versions, high line and low line. Its versatile design makes it suitable for use on manually disconnected systems also. Wt. ½ lb.

Suggested Retail Price: $219.75 /EA

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