Stabilvac 6000 Separate Regulator

Stabilvac 6000 Separate Regulator

Product Code: 5009011

Stable and reliable vacuum is essential to the consistent operation of the milking system and to maximize animal health and milk production, especially in new, high airflow milking systems. The Stabilvac Vacuum Regulator from Interpuls was designed to control the vacuum system with extreme accuracy and reliability.

The Separate Stabilvac Regulator will maintain consistent vacuum between 34 kPa (10” Hg) and 60 kPa (18” Hg) at airflow up to 6,300 l/min (223 cmf). Operating on the servo principle (where a separate sensor, the servo pilot valve, senses the line vacuum, compares it to a pre-set value, then signals the main control valve to adjust airflow to maintain the pre-set value), this system is very accurate, conserves vacuum, and is very quiet. The design allows for quick installation, and the unit can be cleaned and serviced in less than 10 minutes.

This separate-style regulator, which divides the servo valve and the main control valve into two parts as shown, is recommended for vacuum pumps from 106 to 159 cfm (3,000 to 4,500 liters/min) and will maintain vacuum from 11” to 15” Hg (36 to 50 kPa). Replacement filters available. Stabilvac Seperate 6000 weighs 3 lbs.

Suggested Retail Price: $492.70 /EA

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