Hay Moisture Detector Deluxe Package

Hay Moisture Detector Deluxe Package

Product Code: F-6/6-30/PKG

Delmhorst Low-Range Hay Moisture Detector Deluxe Package includes not only the F-6 Meter shown, but also a short pin prod, a 10" prod, a H-3 handle, and a carrying case.

This resistance type moisture detector is designed for testing moisture content in hay and/or straw. It tells when hay is properly dry for baling by direct reading of moisture content on analog dial. Rugged, compact, comfortable in the hand, and portable, the F-6 is easy to use.

The meter may be used with the Short Pin Prod which threads directly onto the instrument making a handy self-contained unit. For testing high density bales, hay in mows, stacks, windrows or piles, the 10" prod is used with the H-3 handle which attaches to the meter. Probe is insulated except for two contact bands at the tip--only the hay at the contact point is measured.

Hand-held unit measures 7 1/2" long. Powered by two 9V batteries, it is accurate within 2% at 20% range. Solid state circuit. One year limited warranty.

Suggested Retail Price: $476.30 /EA

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