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    Brass Show Lead


    The lock on this brass show lead allows for easy release yet allows animal to eat without removal of lead. Drilled hole allows oiling of lock and overall length is 3-3/4" and nose piece measures 2-1/4" across center diameter.

    Cattle Leader w/ Hook w/o Chain


    Rope-Type Leader has 3” diameter nosepiece and is made of carbon steel for heavy duty use. 8” overall length.  1 lb.

    Chain Tie w/ Heavy 830X Snap--BULK

    Plated Chain Tie with Heavy Swivel Snap weighs 2 lbs.

    Deluxe Leader With Chain


    Deluxe Leader with Chain has a 3" diameter nose piece and is made of carbon steel for heavy duty use.  9” overall length. 1 1/4 lb.

    Spring-Type Cattle Leader


    Spring-Type Nose Leader holds nosepiece closed when attached to animal.  Leader features a 2-5/8" nosepiece diameter and is finished smooth.  4-1/4” overall length.  1/2 lb.

    Other Leads