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    Miller Calf Bottle w/ Snap-On Nipple--2 Qt.


    Featuring a two-quart capacity bottle made of strong durable polyethylene plastic this popular snap-on nurser features long-lasting pliable nipple. Bottle has graduation marks in pints and liters. Mouth of bottle measures 2-1/4" OD.

    Miller Calf Bottle w/ Snap-On Nipple--3 Qt.

    Besides enabling a larger feeding three-quart nursers have enough head space to thoroughly mix milk replacer with 2 quarts of water so an additional mixing container is not needed. Bottle is heavy polyethylene and the rubber nipples are both pliable and…

    Miller Nipple f/ Screw Cap

    This Nipple is used with the 93CB Bottle and the 93SC Screw Cap to make a complete 2-Quart Calf Nurser.

    Miller Screw Cap Only

    This screw cap combines with the 93CB Calf Nursing Bottle and the 93SCN Calf Nipple to make a complete 2 quart Nurser.

    Miller Screw-On Bottle Only--2 Qt.

    Miller Standard Bottle only for screw-on nipples.

    Miller Snap-On Bottle Only--2 Qt.

    Miller Standard Bottle only for snap-on nipples.

    Miller Snap-On Bottle Only--3 Qt.

    Replacement bottle for three-quart nurser with snap-on nipple (9813).

    Miller Snap-On Calf Nipple

    This Nipple snaps onto the 98CB Bottle to make a complete 2-quart Calf Nurser.

    Nipple f/ 72HD Pail

    Replacement Nipple for 72HD Pail.

    Nipple Only for Speedy Feeder Calf Feeder

    Replacement Nipple only for the CFSF Speedy Feeder Calf Feeder.

    Nipple Pail w/ Valve & Nipple

    The first choice of calf raisers everywhere this nipple pail features a special design which places the drain hole at the bottom of the pail so your calves get all the milk at every feeding. Easy to sanitize and disassemble it can be hung over fence …

    Nipple Pail--Blue


    Calf-Mate Nipple Pails are made of tough thick-sided Fortalloy a poly/rubber blend that resists the effect of heat cold oils chemicals fertilizers weather strong detergents soaps and acids. Heavy-gauge galvanized steel fittings and bracket and…

    Parts for Nursers