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    PeraSpray Cluster Sprayer

    PeraSpray Cluster Sprayer
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    Applicator f/PeraSpray

    Applicator for PeraSpray

    Extension Kit f/PeraSpray

    Extension Kit for PeraSpray Automated Cluster Sprayer includes one Applicator coil and all necessary fittings.

    PeraSpray w/Three Applicators


    Inflations are a well-known source of transmission of mastitis pathogens from cow to cow. Cluster spraying with peracetic acid and the Automated Ambic PeraSpray is an effective way of sanitizing the cluster between cows. The PeraSpray has the advanta…

    Power Unit Only f/PeraSpray

    Power Unit only for PeraSpray.

    PeraSpray Cluster Sprayer