RJB Quality Milk Isolator (QMI) Quarter Milker

RJB Quality Milk Isolator (QMI) Quarter Milker

Product Code: 10-35000

For isolating one quarter of the cow's milk from the other three quarters, in cases of observed evidence of high somatic cell counts in one quarter.  When used as directed, a QMI can significantly lower the SCC in the bulk milk tank which can help yield higher milk premiums.

  • Extra large 4 inch opening for cleaning
  • Heavy duty stainless steel bail holds lid in place
  • Extra large 2 gallon capacity
  • 90 degree elbow allows inflation to hang upright
  • Large bore, very flexible silicon rubber hoses

RJB teat sanitation equipment is designed to be efficient and economical for better dairy cow, goat and sheep udder health and mastitis prevention.

Suggested Retail Price: $115.75 /EA

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