Soft Vet Rope--16'

Soft Vet Rope--16'

Product Code: VR50

VetRope VR50 is a 16 ft. length of soft, flexible, oval-shaped, woven hollow-center rope which is manufactured especially for veterinary work. When you see and handle this rope, the outstanding quality is apparent immediately.  It will never cause burns or bruising because the oval shape causes pressure to spread over a wider area, instead of concentrating in one spot.  It is comfortable and soothing for injured or frightened animals, making veterinary tasks easier to accomplish. VetRope is made of soft, smooth material which resists dirt yet may be washed if necessary.  A spliced-in eye loop will not slip or fray.  VetRope is ideal for use with animals, but has numerous other uses as well.

Suggested Retail Price: $63.55 /EA

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