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    Splash Guard

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    $96.40 / EA
    SKU: SA200

    Splash Guard helps keep manger and cow platform dry and clean by discouraging cows from splashing water out of the bowl. It also protects feed from spilling into bowl during loading from feed cart. Made of high density polyethylene Splash Guard is designed to mount quickly to most popular metal and plastic water bowls which have a "bead" around the rim. (for bowls without the bead new holes are drilled through Splash Guard and bowl then the two are bolted together with the hardware provided.) For bowls less than 9 inches such as the Strangko bowls trimming of the Splash Guard with a hacksaw is required.

    Splash Guard comes complete with steel hold-down bracket sets and four long bolts for mounting on almost any water bowl. Wt. 1.6 lbs.