1500W, 120V 3-in-1 De-Icer

1500W, 120V 3-in-1 De-Icer

Product Code: 15DT

The 3 In 1 De-icer easily converts from a floating to a sinking or drain plug model. It incorporates multiple temperature sensors to monitor water temperature as well as protect against over-temperature conditions. Traditional de-icers use one sensor to monitor both water and heater temperatures and occasionally allow the water to be heated more than necessary. Multiple sensors improve temperature control while keeping the tank completely ice free.The 1500 watt 3 In 1 features a sturdy finned aluminum base which spreads and disperses heat efficiently into the water. It can be safely operated in any plastic or metal tank without the use of a guard. The 15DT can be converted from a floating to a sinking de-icer by removing the cover and float. The 3 In 1 easily converts to a drain plug model. Special patented drain hole adapter is included. 3 year warranty. cULus Listed. Wt. 3.5 lbs.

Suggested Retail Price: $65.70 /EA

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