Mitsubishi 460V VSD System f / 20HP Motor

Mitsubishi 460V VSD System f / 20HP Motor

Product Code: 101-4200

The Mitsubishi Variable Speed Drive System is designed to provide accurate vacuum level control on modern dairy farms. The control is programmed to follow a vacuum level set by the operator of the dairy. This level is maintained by the use of a Vacuum Transducer mounted in the Vacuum line and connected back to the VSD. The Transducer provides a constant feedback to the VSD which in turn changes the speed based on system demand.  Using the keypad, the desired vacuum level is entered and the VSD will maintain that reading at all times. During milking the VSD will vary in speed to keep the set point satisfied. The VSD updates the feedback loop as many as 50 times per second, therefore ensuring the rapid response to changes in the vacuum level of the system.  Adjustments can be made to increase or decrease the responsiveness of the system. Factory pre-sets are most common without any changes necessary.  Variable Speed Drive systems reduce vacuum pump electrical usage 30 to 80%. Transducer and Cord Set are required accessories for operation of the VSD.

Suggested Retail Price: $3,519.00 /EA

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