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    Ambic EasiDipper Conversion Kit

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    $288.75 / EA
    SKU: AED4019-06

    EasiDipper Conversion Kit is used to convert your existing Ambic automated teat spraying system to an EasiDipper dipping system. Conversion Kit includes 3 applicators 3 hooks 3 cable ties and a pressure relief module to insert into the ATS or AJS power unit. The patented EasiDipper applicator has been designed with similar ergonomics to those of a conventional manual dip cup for easy of hand movement and to provide easy access to the cows' teats - but without the hassle of constantly refilling the bottle. Vacuum-operated EasiDipper brings a continuous supply of teat disinfectant to the applicator with a simple touch of the lever. Refilling bottles and the repetitive action of squeezing bottles is no longer necessary.

    Ambic Equipment Limited is the world leader in the development and production of a comprehensive range of dairy hygiene udder health and livestock health management products specializing in mastitis prevention and detection.