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    1" Wide Dog Collar with Ring

    Quality double-ply nylon dog collars are guaranteed to stay flat and keep their shape. Features extra ring opposite buckle.

    1"x4' Dog Leash

    Dog Lead features a comfortable sewn-in hand loop at one end and a heavy snap at the other. Single-ply nylon Lead is 1" wide and 4 ft. long.

    1.5 HP Motor, 1-Phase, 1800 RPM

    1.5 HP Motor 1-Phase 1800 RPM

    18.5" "Gallon Deep" SS Sink

    Gallon Deep Stainless Steel Sinks are made of top quality stainless steel feature die-formed patch corners and are 15.5" deep for extra large capacity. 15-gallon single compartment Sink is 18.5" long and measures 22.5" from front to back. Legs and brac…

    20 qt. SS Pail w/ Chime


    A long-time favorite our Stainless Steel Pail withChime is a heavy one-piece seamless construction throughout. Made out of 18-8 Type 304 stainless steel the seamless construction assures greater tensile strength. With mirror polish outside surface and…

    24-Unit 120V Strangko Controller


    The Strangko Controller is simply the best-designed best built most accurate controller you can buy and it offers the largest number of pulsation ratios and speed combinations on the market.  Features include:

    • Incremental Adjustmen…

    3" X 5 Yd Heavy Weight Stretch Tape

    Cohere Cohesive Bandage material is water-resistant and self-adhering but will not stick to hair. It is heavyweight easy to handle and is highly recommended for splinting with our Bovine Leg Splints. One roll of 3 inch wide tape is 5 yards long.

    3.0" J-Bend (Clamp/Clamp)

    3.0" J-Bend (Clamp/Clamp)

    3/4" Wide Dog Collar

    Quality double-ply nylon dog collars are guaranteed to stay flat and keep their shape.

    5" Celsius Vet Thermometer

    Ring Top Thermometer for large animals features gold backing large numbers for easy reading and a handy normal animal temperature chart on the back. A tie is attached to the large glass ring-top for added security and plastic case with clip protects f…

    5"Swivel Eye Spring Snap, ZDNP-Ctn/10


    Swivel Eye Spring Snap made of Nickel Plated Malleable Iron has eye inner diameter of 1-1/8" with overall length of 5" and snap opening of 5/8". Box of 10 weighs approximately 4.7 lbs.

    5/8" Visi-Claw w/o Shut-Off


    Strangko Visi-Claw is made of tough clear Lexan plastic yielding a lightweight claw with total visibility.  Rounded fisheye windows increase capacity enable proper action of milk through and around the claw and permit constant visual monitorin…

    Discontinued Items