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    Outbound shipments:

    For shipments to customers, we make every effort to ship with the lowest cost carrier. We have negotiated special rates & discounts with many carriers, allowing us to offer substantial freight savings. However, we will also happily comply with customer routing requests.

    Inbound shipments:

    We ask all vendors to ship according to The Coburn Company’s freight guidelines. These instructions supersede any previous routing instructions, and failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in a chargeback for the difference in freight. We appreciate your cooperation!

    1.  If a shipment qualifies for free freight, please use the routing of your choice.

    2.  For parcel shipments (generally under 200 lbs.) originating within SpeeDee's service area, please ship via SpeeDee prepaid & add the charges to the merchandise invoice.  For parcel shipments originating elsewhere, please ship via UPS or UPS Hundredweight collect. Please call 262-473-2822 for account numbers.

    3.  For collect LTL shipments (generally over 200 lbs.), please call 262-473-2822 or email [email protected] for routing instructions. Be sure to supply us with weight, dimensions and class of each pallet, as well as the originating zip code.