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    What is The Coburn Company, Inc.?

    The Coburn Company, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of wholesale farm and milking equipment.  We are in Whitewater, Wisconsin and sell products to dealers and distributors throughout the United States and the world.

    Can I buy products on this web site?

    The Coburn Company does not sell to end-users, but we would be delighted to refer you to a dealer in your area. We offer e-commerce to qualified dealers through our dealer-only area. Dealers can access that by clicking on Dealer Access in the upper right corner of this page. If you are a dealer and you already have an account on, simply log in and start shopping!  When you have found the items that you want to order, go to "View Cart" and follow the directions to place your order. We will process and send the order right away.

    How do I become a qualified dealer?

    "Qualified dealers" are businesses that are actively involved in the reselling of merchandise. Please contact us to set up an account!

    How can I find a product on your web site? offers a couple of different ways to find products. First, there is a product category menu, found by clicking on Catalog in the top menu. Starting with the appropriate category, use the flyout menu to find the products you are looking for. This menu will take you from the most general categories down to more and more specific categories until you find exactly what you're looking for. Second, there is a keyword and item number search box in the top corner of the screen, on every screen—just type in your search keywords or item number, hit "go," and find the product or class of products you are looking for in the search results that come up. Thirdly, we have a digital catalog in which you can flip through our printed catalog and click on a product that will take you directly to the product on our website.

    Even after looking, I still can't find a product on your web site. Why not?

    The Coburn Company's web site is constantly growing.  It is possible that the product you are looking for is not yet posted to the web site, or it may also be a product we don't carry. Please feel free to contact us for assistance at any time!

    Can you explain the prices listed on the web site?

    The prices listed on the public site are suggested retail prices. These are merely approximate prices that an end-user could expect to pay their dealer for these products. The prices listed in the dealer-only area are the dealer's actual and correct prices.