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    Ambic Multi-Foamer Teat Dipper

    Ambic Multi-Foamer Teat Dipper
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    Ambic Bagged MultiFoamer Plus Dip Cup

    An enhanced version of the MultiFoamer (ADC150*) MultiFoamer Plus allows the producer to adjust the wetness of the foam to fit the needs of their operation. Using three different screw-in air regulators users can choose standard foam (white disc) 40% …

    Ambic MultiFoamer Dip Cup

    Foam dipping can cut chemical usage up to 50%. New MultiFoamer makes a thick clinging foam which stays in contact with the teat for a longer time. MultiFoamer features more consistent foam generation easier cleaning built-in valve protection and suit…

    Ambic Multi-Foamer Teat Dipper