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    Calf Buddy Feeders Features

    Calf Buddy Feeders are designed to fit a wide range of farms. They have clean lines and various volumes, ranging from 9.5 quarts to 13 gallons. All feeders come fitted with Calf Buddy Teats and connectors. Lids are optional and are available for purchase.

    Calf Buddy 1 is perfect for solo feeding. It holds 9.5 quarts, is semi-transparent, and has a stainless-steel handle.

    Calf Buddy 2 is perfect for feeding in pairs. This feeder holds 5 gallons and features the Calf Buddy Hook System.

    Calf Buddy 5 is great for group feeding calves. This feeder holds 13 gallons and features the Calf Buddy Hook System as well.

    Calf Buddy 1

    Calf Buddy 2

    Calf Buddy 5


    The Calf Buddy Hook System is designed to fit a wire cage, 1” box steel, 2” pipe rails, and headlock gates. The hook height is adjustable, so calves drink at the perfect height no matter what rails you use. Another benefit is the “Swivel Handle”. This unique locking handle is comfortable and secures the feeders in place.


    Calf Buddy Feeders come fitted with the Calf Buddy Teat. The Calf Buddy Teat will control the flow for around 120 feedings. We also carry replacement Calf Buddy Teat and Connectors sold separately in packs of ten.

    Cleaning. Rinse after use. Use a non-chlorinated detergent at least twice a week or according to your farm hygiene protocol. Note: Using products with Chlorine reduces nipple life by 60%

    Calf Buddy Grow Me Teat

    Calf Buddy Grow Me Connectors