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    Coburn PolyPro Cow Halter, Individually Bagged

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    SKU: PS1212-04

    Coburn PolyPro Halters are made of memory-twisted polypropylene to stand up under the harshest farm conditions. Ends are heat-welded and poly-wrapped and contain no metal clamps.  Halters can be ordered either bagged individually or bulk packed by the dozen.

    PolyPro halters come packed one per bag or in bulk bundles of one dozen.  Cow & Horse Halter is made of 1/2” polypropylene 13 ft. long with 10” noseband. One dozen bagged or bulk pack weigh 7 lbs.  PolyPro Calf & Colt Halter is made of 3/8” polypropylene 11 ft. long with 8” noseband. One dozen bagged or bulk pack weighs 4 lbs.