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    Cushion Cow Hip Lift to the Rescue

    When facing a downed animal, the Cushion Cow Hip Lift is a must-have on the farm. The hip lift's heavy-duty construction, powder-coated frame and galvanized components ensure years of reliable service. Generous padding increases comfort and reduces bruising around the hipbones. The top ring on the Cushion Cow Hip Lift allows the animal to be raised with a loader or a block and tackle. Easily adaptable with a removable handle that operates on both sides of the threaded rod. The hip lift collapses to help save storage space. Rated to 2000lbs. capacity. Maximum opening is 23-5/8” 

    1500HL        Cushion Cow Hip Lift
    1500HL-RH  Replacement Handle for Hip Lift

    • Rated up to 2000 lbs.
    • Hip Lift Max Opening is 23-5/8”
    • Powder-Coated Frame
    • Reversible Handle, works on either side
    • Replacement Handle available