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    Deluxe Milking Parlor Ring Mat

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    $130.50 / EA
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    Deluxe Milking Parlor Ring Mat. Easy cleaning comfortable sure-footing for Milking Parlors and other areas thick resilient rubber Parlor Mats reduce fatigue as well as back and leg problems resulting from standing on concrete floors.Tired workers lose productivity but the resiliency of this unique open ring design energizes feet and legs and provides slip resistance whether wet or dry. Water or liquids flow away UNDERNEATH because of the hundreds of tiny rubber tips ¼" high on the under-side. The non-absorbent rubber is impervious to liquids. Disinfectants detergents and foreign matter flush away thoroughly through and under the mat to maintain sanitary conditions. Mats are 7/8" thick and 59" x 39". They may be cut with a knife to any shape. Mats will last for years.