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    Express Inline Dehorner with 1 Fuel Can

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    $235.75 / EA
    SKU: 135G

    The 135G Express Inline Dehorner is portable, easy to handle, safe, fast, and efficient. The compact, ergonomically designed Express Dehorner is fueled by a butane/propane mix in a handy cartridge that fits into the handle, so no cords or bulky propane tanks are required. The unit features a built-in piezo ignition and an enclosed combustion chamber for safety. The unit can heat to working temperature in under two minutes and will reach temperatures of up to 1,100°F/595°C. Horn bud cauterization takes approximately three seconds. One fuel cartridge provides enough dehorning power for two hours and can work in temperatures of 14° F. Constructed for easy maintenance and heavy use, the Express will dehorn calves up to four weeks of age yet weighs less than two pounds. Dehorner includes a reversible 11/16" to 13/16" tip (14020).