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    1-Speed Thermostat f/Schaefer Fan

    Single Speed Moistureproof Thermostat. Will handle two VS36A VS36B or VS24 fans. 115/230 Volt.

    42" Extended Bracket for 12"-36" Barnstomer Fans

    Mounting Bracket extends 42" to is recommended for 24" or 36" Barnstormer Fans (VBS24 VBS36A or VBS36CF).

    6 Nozzle Low Pressure Mist Kit f/36" Fans w/Shut-Off

    Low Pressure Mist Kit for 36" Fans with 6 Nozzles

    Aluminum Fan Blade f/20" Schaefer Fan

    Replacement Aluminum Blade for 20" Schaefer Fan.

    Aluminum Fan Blade f/24" Schaefer Fan

    Aluminum Fan Blade for 24" Schaefer Fan.

    Digital Speed Modulator w/ Automatic Shut-Off f/Schaefer Fan

    Digital Speed Modulator with Automatic Variable Fan Speed Control with digital readout micro-processor corrosion and moisture-proof enclosure noise filter adjustable variable speed differential (1 to 21 degrees Fahrenheit) and 10 amp output. Handles t…

    Galvanized Fan Blade f/36" Schaefer Fan


    Galvanized Fan Blade for 36" Schaefer Fans.

    Low Pressure Mist Kit f/24" Fans w/4 Nozzles

    Low Pressure Mist Kit for 24" Fans with 4 Nozzles

    Manual Speed Control f/Schaefer Fan

    Manual Variable Speed Fan Control is moisture proof. Handles two 20" or 24" Versa-Kool fans. Not for use with 36" fans.  Rated at 115/230V 12.5 amps.

    Manual Variable Output Control

    Manual Variable Speed Control has on-off switch and manual variable output knob. Control will handle one or two VBS24 fans and has a 15 amp overload protection fuse. Rugged sealed case measures 6” x 6” x 3.75”. 115/230V 50/60 hz 12 FLA amps single…

    Mist Kit w/6 Nozzles f/36" Schaefer Fan

    For more effective cooling in open air shade structures install Mist Kits. A light spray of water combines with fan action for a gentle cooling mist. Misting aids in reduction of heat stress which can affect milk production inhibit livestock weight g…

    Single Stage Thermostat Control--120/240/277V, 50/60Hz

    Single Stage Moisture Proof Thermostat has large visible dial to set temperature from 40 to 100°F. (5 to 43°C). Rugged weather-resistant case measures 3” x 6.5” x 2.5”. Thermostat has large stainless steel coiled sensor for quick response to temperature…

    Fan Controls & Accessories