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    1-Speed Thermostat f/Schaefer Fan

    Single Speed Moistureproof Thermostat. Will handle two VS36A VS36B or VS24 fans. 115/230 Volt.

    42" Extended Bracket for 12"-36" Barnstomer Fans

    Mounting Bracket extends 42" to is recommended for 24" or 36" Barnstormer Fans (VBS24 VBS36A or VBS36CF).

    6 Nozzle Low Pressure Mist Kit f/36" Fans w/Shut-Off

    Low Pressure Mist Kit for 36" Fans with 6 Nozzles

    Aluminum Fan Blade f/20" Schaefer Fan

    Replacement Aluminum Blade for 20" Schaefer Fan.

    Aluminum Fan Blade f/24" Schaefer Fan

    Aluminum Fan Blade for 24" Schaefer Fan.

    Galvanized Fan Blade f/36" Schaefer Fan


    Galvanized Fan Blade for 36" Schaefer Fans.

    Low Pressure Mist Kit f/24" Fans w/4 Nozzles

    Low Pressure Mist Kit for 24" Fans with 4 Nozzles

    Manual Speed Control f/Schaefer Fan

    Manual Variable Speed Fan Control is moisture proof. Handles two 20" or 24" Versa-Kool fans. Not for use with 36" fans.  Rated at 115/230V 12.5 amps.

    Manual Variable Output Control

    Manual Variable Speed Control has on-off switch and manual variable output knob. Control will handle one or two VBS24 fans and has a 15 amp overload protection fuse. Rugged sealed case measures 6” x 6” x 3.75”. 115/230V 50/60 hz 12 FLA amps single…

    Single Stage Thermostat Control--120/240/277V, 50/60Hz

    Single Stage Moisture Proof Thermostat has large visible dial to set temperature from 40 to 100°F. (5 to 43°C). Rugged weather-resistant case measures 3” x 6.5” x 2.5”. Thermostat has large stainless steel coiled sensor for quick response to temperature…

    Temperature Adjusting Variable Output Control

    Automatic Temperature Adjustable Variable Speed Control may be set for variable speed and for temperature range from 32 to 113°F. Control will handle one or two VBS24 fans. Rugged sealed case measures 6” x 6” x 3.75” and includes 1 ft. temperature prob…

    Wall Mount Bracket f/20" to 36" Schaefer Fan

    Wall Mounting Bracket for 36" Barn Kooler Fans.

    Fan Controls & Accessories