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    All-Purpose Fence Tool

    For fencing tasks on metal or wood the All-Purpose Fence Tool cuts splices and stretches wire. It will pull staples drive lugs and snip wire with ease. Drop-forged steel with plastic coated handles. Wt. 1.5 lbs.

    Crank for Wire Strainer

    For use with wire strainer and tension measuring spring. Sturdy cog style wire strainer/stretcher has hot dip zinc frame. Renews tension for sagging line. Should be used with tension measuring spring where weather extremes can loosen wire.

    Fence Guardian Night Light

    Fence Guardian Night Light flashes when your fence is in good working order and the frequency of the flash decreases as fence condition worsens. Bright light is visible up to 1000 feet or more. Wt. .75 lbs.

    Fence Repair Tool

    Cut and Crimp Dual Purpose Tool 22" long. Carded and blister-packed. Dual purpose high quality fence tool with adjustable case hardened jaws performs both splicing and cutting. Only on splice needed per join. For quick fence repair use a wire stret…

    Metal T-Post Puller

    Metal T-Post Puller may be used with tractor bucket chain various types of jacks and S-hooks. Slot design allows attachment of different gauges of chain and hooks. Wt. 2.3 lbs.

    Post Pounder w/ Tapered Handle

    Heavy steel Post Pounder features side handles which are tapered in for good leverage. Accomplishes the job with minimum strain to hands and back. Wt. 17 lbs.

    Fence Tools