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    Fight Bac Aerosol

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    Fight Bac aeresol teat disinfectant is a sanitary effective and easy-to-use method that helps control mastitis and maintain udder health. Fight Bac contains chlorhexidine gluconate 0.4% in a soothing non-irritating non-staining base. The upward spraying dispenser never touches the cow so there is no chance of spreading infection from cow to cow.

    Experts agree the single most important procedures in preventing mastitis is proper teat disinfection and Fight Bac provides several improvements over traditional dipping. Vertical spray pattern clears residual milk from the teat orifice allowing the active ingredients to reach the opening and then the spray propellents chill the teat enhancing closure of the orifice. No mixing or preparation is required and there is no waste spillage or dip cups to become contaminated and spread infection.

    Coburn’s Deluxe Sprayer Holster 700021 is perfect for holding a can of Fight Bac.

    One can of Fight Bac (net wt. 22 oz.) treats 300 cows. Case of 12 cans weighs 19 lbs.

    Approved for sale in Canada by prescription only.