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    Anodized Aluminum Brush Rack


    Heavy gauge anodized aluminum rack with solid aluminum pegs. Offset design and angle position of pegs keeps brushes away from wall. Holes on 16" center to fit standard studs.  Wt. 3.5oz.

    Brush for 1/4" ID Tubing

    Tubing brush has with 3/8" type 6.6 white nylon bristles. Wt. 0.5 oz.

    CIP Pipeline Brush w/White Nylon Bristles (2100R)

    This brush is designed to slip on and off easily to clean the outside of pipelines up to 3" in diameter. Threaded fitting accepts threaded fiberglass handles like RB16102 (sold separately). Type 6.6 white nylon bristles.

    Deluxe Inflation Brush f/Regular-Size Inflations (3VP)

    The special design of this inflation brush means one easy operation scrubs the entire inflation including vacuum pocket. Type 6.6 white nylon bristles resist premature wear and the protective rounded tip prevents damage to inside of inflations. For regu…

    Floor Drain Brush w/Black Bristles


    Polypropylene bristles are stiff and chemical-resistant for tough drain cleaning. Black bristles help keep brush segregated from other brushes. Brush is 6" x 4". Special white plastic handle (ordered separately SP031-48) is stamped "Use for Floor Drain…

    Hi-Lo Floor Brush--Yellow


    This Yellow Three-position Hi-Lo Floor Scrub Brush (shown with handle available separately) is designed for maximum cleaning action in open areas or under equipment. Stiff polypropylene bristles are set in foam block. Threaded handle hole. Brush is 10…

    Inflation Brush f/Regular-Size Inflations (3RB)

    The nation's number one choice for cleaning regular-size inflations our inflation brush features a smooth rounded tip and long-wearing bristles. White bristles are type 6.6 nylon. Wt. 3 oz.

    Inflation Brush f/Silicone Inflations (RB1019)

    This specially engineered and manufactured inflation brush is designed to be used on the delicate silicone inflation liners used in BouMatic Strangko and other Visi-Shells. Type 6.6 white nylon bristles. Wt. 3 oz.

    Nursing Bottle Brush (2500R)

    This brush is designed to clean all areas of the nursing bottle. The large end will easily reach every corner and bend of the nursing bottle while the small end is ideal for freeing residue from the nipple. A large multi-fan tip filled with a mixture of …

    Polypro Block Brush with Polyester Bristles

    Swiss pail brush has polyester bristles and polypro block and will not chip or breed bacteria. It floats! Block is 6"x2-1/4" with 1-3/8" trim and weighs 8 oz.

    Pop Bottle Brush (593010)

    This pop bottle brush features a flexible head to fit through narrow heads of different types of bottles. 4" nylon brush is attached to a 12" handle. Type 6.6 black nylon bristles. Wt. 2.5 oz.

    Inflation Brushes