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    Lobe Vacuum Pump Wash System

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    $294.75 / EA
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    The Coburn Lobe Pump Wash System helps prevent the build-up of milkfat and other residues on the lobes of the vacuum pump and protects the pump from rust and corrosion. It is easily installed on most lobed vacuum pump systems and is available with 120/230V electrical components to match the milking equipment automatic wash system. Designed to work with the Coburn Vacuum Pump Cleaner a neutral ready-to-use degreasing cleaner which removes dust dirt and milkfat from lobed vacuum pumps the cleaning system delivers cleaner to the vacuum pump inlet air stream to automatically clean the rotor lobes daily during the wash cycle. The timer is easily programmed to deliver the precise amount of cleaner required for the pump which in most cases is a very small amount.

    The Cleaning System includes peristaltic pump with control straight injector and 10 ft. of chemical tubing. Wt. 3 lbs. P>