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    Magrath 44" Shaft f/ 59" Prod

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    $41.55 / EA
    SKU: MG44

    Magrath's heavy duty yellow Stock Shock prod has resilient flexible shaft and wide U-shaped tip for efficient shocking in the worst farm conditions. Power Pack handle is well-designed for balance and is molded of tough structural grade plastic. Grooves and finger guide allow safe comfortable grip even with gloved hands. Solid state electronics assure long battery life and high energy shocking power. Silver battery contacts assure the shock is there when it’s needed. Power Pack sold separately. Total prod weighs approx. 4 lbs. 44” Shaft combines with handle for 59” prod.

    We also offer the MG09 Shaft (for 24” overall prod length) MG22 (for 38” overall prod length) and MG34 (for 49” overall prod length)