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    Medi-Cow Boot

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    Protective Boot is a valuable economical tool in the fight against hoof and foot problems. It is ideal for continuous soaking when conditions such as hairy wart puncture wounds or other aggravated foot conditions exist. Medi-Cow Boot cushions the hoof relieves pressure eliminates the need for wrapping and holds medications for continuous application.Waterproof soft pliable puncture-resistant blue vinyl upper comforts the leg during use and closes tightly with the web straps yet boot opens wide for easy on/off. Triple-layered bottom is made of tough polyvinyl compound making it reusable many times over. We recommend Dr. Naylor's Hoof 'n' Heel now approved for Dairy to speed healing of all types of hoof injuries. Medi-Cow Boot fits either left or right hoof. Wt. 12 oz.