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    Push-Button Waterer w/ Galvanized Bowl

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    $77.95 / EA
    SKU: M81

    Studies have shown that dairy cows give more milk and have consistently fewer problems when individual water bowls are available. When cows share a bowl the dominant cow not only prevents the others from drinking she may actually drink more water than needed.

    This low-cost but top quality approved non-siphon bowl is just the solution. Using a brass push-button water valve the simplest method of watering livestock it has no paddle to wear out or get jammed with hay and debris between paddle and bottom of bowl. Adjustable water flow 3/4" top and bottom inlets and cast iron valve body make this the easiest-to-clean water bowl on the market. And despite the low price this is definitely not a cheaply constructed product. Satisfaction guaranteed!

    All replacement parts available. U-Bolt mounting bracket sold separately. Drinker with galvanized steel rolled rim reinforced bowl weighs 8 lbs.