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    Bovivet CMT Test Paddle

    Plastic Paddle is used with a reagent such as 170366 ready-to-use Mastitis Test Liquid for testing all four quarters of the udder simultaneously for mastitis.

    Concentrate 16oz f/ImmuCell CMT Kit

    Concentrate for ImmuCell CMT Kit

    Dr. Naylor Mastitis Indicators

    Safe and easy to use the Dr. Naylor Mastitis Indicator changes color to give positive indication of mastitis infection. Package of 30.

    Economy CMT Test Paddle

    Economy CMT Test Paddle is an effective tool in detecting mastitis early and can be used with 554-7902 CMT Concentrate. Cups are marked to show exactly much milk is needed.

    ImmuCell CMT Paddle

    ImmuCell CMT Paddle

    ImmuCell CMT Starter Kit

    The California Mastitis Test is an easy accurate and inexpensive cow-side mastitis test. Simply collect milk from each quarter into the four cups of the paddle and squirt in the reagent for an immediate positive or negative reaction. Complete kit consi…

    X-Spurt Mastitis Test w/ Paddle


    The X-Spurt Test Paddle makes CMT testing a fast and efficient one-hand operation instead of a tedious time-consuming procedure. The X-Spurt bottle holds the reagent and also acts as a handle. With one squeeze an equal amount of reagent enters all fou…

    Testing Kits