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    It’s time to start thinking about keeping calves warm and dry this winter.  The Coburn Warm-Up Calf Jacket is an ideal solution. Our rugged weather-resistant warm-up jackets trap and hold heat using 3M Thinsulate™ while allowing moisture to escape, helping keep your calves warm and dry. The jacket’s form-fitting design allows easy movement and better heat retention. Quick-release buckles enable the removal of straps from the jacket for easy cleaning. Double-stitched edges and no belly strap provide less skin irritation to the calf. Straps are adjustable for the perfect fit. Materials are intended for commercial washing and drying.  Check out our video for the Coburn Warm-up Calf Jacket.


    • 3M Thinsulate™ Lining traps and hold heat
    • 4 heavy duty quick release buckles enable complete removal of straps from jacket for cleaning
    • Straps are adjustable for perfect fit
    • Double stitched edges and no belly strap provide better comfort and less skin irritation
    • Contoured for best fit and cleanliness
    • No-Velcro design keeps jacket cleaner longer
    • 2-year warranty

    R2801-SL Small Calf Warm-Up Jacket, Jersey size, silver.

    R2801-BK Large Calf Warm-Up Jacket, Holstein size, black.